"Generación X" [2019]

"Generación X" [2019]

"Casa VIII" [2019]

"Casa VIII" [2019]

"32°N -117°" [2018]

"32°N -117°" [2018]

"Apacibles"  [2019]

"Apacibles" [2019]

"Vitruviano"  [2019]

"Vitruviano" [2019]

Estudio Sobre La Frialdad [2017]

Estudio Sobre La Frialdad [2017]

Lolo & Ringo [2017]

Lolo & Ringo [2017]

Dance My Mother Taught Me [2017]

Dance My Mother Taught Me [2017]

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Leading up to Tijuana’s XXII International Dance Festival:
Cuerpos en Tránsito (Bodies in Transit) 2020 


4x4 TJ NIGHT 2020


Aiming to incite the development of performing arts and trigger the general public with regard to dance and related disciplines, the Cultural Center of Tijuana and Lux Boreal call for artists to apply and present their work within the choreography competition: IX 4 x 4 TJ Night 2020.

The challenge is for choreographers and performers site specific work within the limited space alotted.


The jury will be composed of artists with proven experience in dance and other artistic disciplines such as theatre, literature, visual and fine arts. The jury will select the choreographers from the preliminaries that progress to the Grand Finale, which include the following prizes:


a) Best Choreography 4x4 TJ Night 2020: One indivisible prize of $35,000.00 mexican pesos.

b) Honorable Mention for Choreography: $10,000.00 mexican pesos.

c) Best Performer: $10,000.00 mexican pesos.


During the Grand Finale, the audience will vote for:


d) Audience Favorite Award TJ Night 2010: $10,000.00 mexican pesos.





1. This call is intended for scenic artists, dancers and performers from Mexico and abroad.

2. All preliminary events will take place within the Nightlife of the city of Tijuana, therefore it is mandatory that all participants must be 18 years of age before any preliminary ensues.

3. Eligible proposals, either contemporary dance or interdisciplinary scenic arts, are designed for a platform with a space area of 4 x 4 feet (1.20 x 1.20 meters) and 1 foot (30 cm) in height; Considering an audience in an arena setting (360 degrees).

4. The challenge of the 4 x 4 feet stage limit will be taken into account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The proposal must be danced on the platform from start to finish; stepping off of the platform within the choreography calls for disqualification.

5. The work can be a premier or previously released and adapted to the 4x4 platform.

6. The minimum duration of the work to its competition is 6 minutes, and a maximum of 10 minutes.

7. The work must involve a minimum of 2 performers on the platform.

8. The 4x4 TJ Night Choreography Competition 2019 is part of the “Extramuros” program from Tijuana's Cultural Center, the semifinals of this competition will be held in up to four bar/nightclubs and/or alternative venues in the city of Tijuana, venues will be announced at the time of pre-selection.

9. Each work must be designed to appear in public places within the nightlife of Tijuana. The choreographers must anticipate uninterrupted general ambient lighting to the scenic area of the 4 x 4 platform.

10. In the event that the participant decides to use a platform other than the one provided in the competition, it must have the official measurements and the participant will take care of the logistics of positioning, removal and transport of their own platform. Any proposal that puts at risk the integrity and security of the platform will be evaluated by the Selection Committee to decide its viability.

11. All selected participants acknowledge that any and all performances on the 4 x 4 platform, including the nightclub semi-finals and the Grand Finale at CECUT, run at your own risk and responsibility.

12. The members of the jury to the Grand Finale reserve the right to declare “null” to awards (b) and/or (c) mentioned above

13. Choreographies that have been performed in previous editions of 4 x 4 TJ Night will not be accepted.

14. The proposals selected for the Grand Finale, may not undergo changes. They must be presented exactly as the judges in the semifinals selected them.

15. To be accepted and preselected for the semifinals in the choreography contest IX 4 x 4 TJ Night 2020, participants accept all rules mentioned within this call.


NOTE: The event organizer does not cover costs of transportation, logistics, accommodation or food for the participants.



Application Deadline:


Applications will be received now until February 3rd 2020: 18:00 hours Pacific Standard Time


Announcement of selected choreographies:

Selected choreographies for the semifinals will be announced on Monday February 10th, 2020; Selected participants will be assigned by random drawing to one of the venues for the semifinals; all choreographers will be notified through email and press release.



The selected participants will be assigned to one of the semifinals at random trough March 26th and 31st 2020 in venues within the city of Tijuana. At the end of the last Semifinal, the selected works will be announced for the Gran Finale.


Grand Finale 4x4 TJ Night 2020:

The Grand Finale of the 4x4 TJ Night Choreography Contest will be held on the Tijuana Cultural Center International Gallery "El Cubo" on Thursday April 2nd, 2020, the final will be part of the activities previous to the Tijuana´s XXII International Dance Festival “Cuerpos en Transito”, where the Presentation of each finalist work and the winners will be announced.





1. Complete the application form that is located in the following link: [on-line application] and attach the corresponding files in the correct formats requested. (It is important to include the URL or link to the 5-minute minimum video of the work or work-in-progress designed for 4 x 4 platform).

2. Registration goes into effect from the launch of this call until the deadline Monday, February 3rd, 2020 at 18:00 hours (Pacific time).

3. Once the choreography is received and registered, the applicant will be given a confirmation notice of participation.

4. An advisory committee will be established and will select the proposals to participate in this contest.

The selected proposals will be announced on Monday February 10th, 2020 via press release, e-mail and in the web pages of CECUT: www.cecut.gob.mx and Lux Boreal: www.luxboreal.org


All participants will receive a certificate of recognition for their participation from the Cultural Center of Tijuana and Lux Boreal.



For Further Information:


Tel. (664) 687- 9665