"Project supported by the Mexican National Fund for Arts and Culture"


Using Dance to Diminish Street Violence!

 In 2010 Lux Boreal commenced Fronteras Tijuana, a Dance and Art education project within vulnerable sectors of the city of Tijuana. Two years ago the program was supported thanks to the alliance with Torolab and La Granja Transfronteriza in the community of Camino Verde, one area within the city that has the highest recorded rates of violence in Tijuana.

By offering constant weekly classes to children and adolescents of Camino Verde, the program aims to strengthen the basic values of coexistence in the community, such as respect, solidarity, friendship, reflection and self-esteem; using art as a tool for transformation and social inclusion that contribute to reduce violence and create individuals more aware of their environment.

Last Saturday, December 16, the 2017 cycle was concluded with a presentation of the young students of Fronteras at La Granja Transfronteriza, and it will resume activities in January of 2018, where the goal is to achieve the continuity of the movement and expression workshops with the students on a permanent basis, commented the teacher and coordinator of Fronteras Tijuana Briseida López.

“This was a year of many changes for the entire team and students of Fronteras Tijuana; support was provided from different institutions, and the collaboration of students and alumni of Centro de Danza y Producción Escénica de Baja California (Lux Boreal`s Profesional Dance Program), as well as the team of Lux Boreal and its collaborators. This seeks to ensure the permanence of the project to achieve a greater impact on the community of Camino Verde and its inhabitants. 

With the summer course and the new work plan we achieved greater impact on the families and friends of the students, who attended the presentations of the summer course and the winter closure, we must not forget that after class they return to the reality of living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in this city is in the community where the greatest transformation is sought.”

- Briseida López,  Fronteras coordinator

"I was very fortunate to see the progress, and I say progress not only in the body but in the coexistence and team that these young students are achieving, full of energy and vitality. I applaud this initiative and to those who have joined to strengthen this project, I applaud the coordinator Briseida López for that push and true vocation to make changes in children’s life who are living in this type of vulnerable situations. Dance is a form of transformation, and it is also a fortress to strength human coexistence.

Once again I renew my convincing votes and after the magic that took place in the winter presentation and as a witness since the beginning of this wonderful project, I bet totally for Fronteras Tijuana, a beautiful project that transforms and empathizes with friendship, companionship, and the care and support with one another to move forward together.

Thanks to each of the teachers who made it possible with their tools so that these children explode with such energy on stage, now without prejudice and with a great understanding of what friendship is. The spectator can marvel at what they can do acrobatically that is applauded in these children, but I wonder even more the heart they put in every movement, they are honest children, their transformation is evident. ¨Long live Fronteras Tijuana¨, a seed planted for humanity, in this energetic and human corner of Latin America".

-Ángel Arámbula, Co-Director Lux Boreal

"Fronteras Tijuana has been an extremely rewarding experience for my life.

I have had the opportunity to work with the children of this community where we have learned and grown together, we have gone through good, difficult and sometimes exciting moments, we have understood that dance is only the means, the means to create community, companionship and a platform to surpass ourselves.

I feel extremely excited to see the progress that our young students have made, not only on a  corporal level, but as human beings, where they no longer only look for a personal good, but the common one, they stretch their arms to help the other, they seek to be the example of the ones on the back of the class, they take care of  our work space and above all the fact of finding incredible things in themselves.

It fills my heart to see that many have found a reason to keep going, that they have found a refuge where they can forget about any problem and be free. I am very grateful to be part of this project that marks my life constantly. "

- Carla Alcántara, Fronteras teacher.

"Personally I am very happy and satisfied with the physical and mental progress of the children, in this cycle they met and exceeded the goals that were established for the project at the beginning, the goals were musicality, rhythm and self-esteem. I love watching them dance and grow as people, their energy spreads to those around them and more when they are in action. I'm looking forward for the next semester. "

- Raul Osuna, Fronteras teacher.