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Lux Boreal Presents "1977 Strides"

!Relive through dance the legends and stories from Tijuana's emblematic House of Culture!

Lux Boreal dance company pays tribute to Tijuana’s House of Culture with the film version of the show "1977 Strides", a special virtual dance program that covers and relates the details of the wonderful architectural spaces of the building, in addition to immersing the audience in the most famous legends of its history.

Officially opened in 1977 The House of Culture of Tijuana has housed thousands of programs and projects of art and culture, including the residency of Lux Boreal since 2003. The architecture, location and rich history of the emblematic building, erected in 1930 has definitely inspired the artistic work of the company throughout the years.

"Tijuana’s House of Culture has been home to hundreds, perhaps thousands of artists who have brought the city of Tijuana to life with their passion for dance, music, theater, literature, visual arts, cinema to name just a few. Lux Boreal has served as an inspirational origin and inevitably permeates our work. An example is the work "Nothing to Declare" that was presented in Saint Mark Church, New York, with a lighting design inspired by the windows of the dance studio where we create, train and rehearse. " Henry Torres – Co-Director Lux Boreal

!You are all cordially invited to Lux Boreal's newest Dance Film "

1977 Strides" which will be available for Streaming July 14th-18th!

Get your tickets now:

Todas las actividades de Lux Boreal son apoyadas por el Sistema de Apoyos a la Creación y a Proyectos Culturales del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes.

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