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Lux Boreal in Quarantine

Actualizado: 30 jun 2020

¡Not even the stay-at-home order stops creativity! The contemporary dance collective continues in constant activity and prepares for an intense summer schedule.

Lux Boreal dance company has been in voluntary quarantine since the month of March following the recommendations for social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While the company members stay at home, Lux continues in constant movement rethinking, planning and transforming its artistic proposal and work agenda to deliver contemporary dance via virtual platforms.

Since March, Lux Boreal created and presented informative video capsules with topics related to the quarantine and how they are coping with it, sharing real experiences of the dance company in entertaining broadcasts that managed to connect with local, state, national and international audiences who enjoyed performances from the company repertoire, awarded pieces of the traditional 4X4 TJ Night Choreography Contest as well as video-dances produced in various collaborations with the company.

Lux Boreal took on the task of connecting with the audience who were able to dialogue in real time with members of the collective during the premieres of the capsules, sharing anecdotes and experiences of the creative processes. Capsules that were re-transmitted by local art and culture institutions such as Centro Cultural Tijuana CECUT and Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana.

Train with us:

The company's weekly training platform began in March with live training broadcasts through social networks and virtual platforms. Company teachers and dancers transformed their homes into rooms equipped with a floor and bar suitable for dance with design and execution of their own creative authorship. The Training Platform via Zoom is still open for dancers from any latitude on the planet who are looking for weekly technical training live or in the new modality of pre-recorded format that the company offers from its official website since April.

The fourth generation of the Center of Dance and Scenic Production of Baja California (CDPEBC) also continues with regular activities from home since March 18th, including the creative photographic challenge “What accompanies me in quarantine,” held within the activities of the educational program led by Lux Boreal. The students and teachers created beautiful quarantine images that were shared with the public through ainspiredand artistic photo note.

Currently the 18 students of the CDPEBC are preparing for a virtual mid-term tour, called “Glimpses from the Window,” throughout the state of Baja California, with the support of the state government through the Secretary of Culture of Baja California in collaboration with the Tijuana Center for the Arts, this virtual contemporary dance program includes video dance works made by students and teachers especially for the camera.

“From the Distance” was the first creative process that Lux Boreal carried out in quarantine, an exercise in body, movement and video created by the members of the company during the first weeks of the stay-at-home order, released virtually on May 31st, to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the company.

Coming soon, the members of Lux Boreal are preparing the premiere of their second video dance production, an intricate game of virtual decisions by the public that leads to a unique journey where the those can once again enjoy the dance of the northern light, projected to premiere at the end of July.

This is how Lux Boreal and Center of Dance and Scenic Production of Baja California continue with regular activities from the confinement, inviting the public to enjoy the art of dance from the comfort and safety of their homes:

Lux Boreal in quarantine:

11 National virtual performances

1 International virtual performance

20 cultural video capsules

6 Premieres

6 Repertoire Presentations

All the activities of the Lux Boreal dance company are supported by the National Fund for the Arts and Culture through the Mexico on Stage program.

For more information about our activities visit:

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