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Train, Strengthen, Explore and Share: Lux Boreal Summer Workshop 2023

A space for encounter in Tijuana, Mexico.

Lux Boreal convenes its Intensive Summer Course 2023. A space for encounter where various lines of research around training systems are worked in a structured way, the company carries out as part of its mission to develop the scenic art of dance and its relationship with the body and techniques.

The course takes place at the home base of Lux Boreal, where the group is resident in an agreement with the Tijuana Municipal Institute of Art and Culture in the iconic Tijuana House of Culture building. The participants will train, share together and develop a system of technical strengthening and dance skills in a full week journey that begins at 9 in the morning and ends at 4:30 in the afternoon, with some optional activities in the evening.

Among the training techniques are: Articular Grounding, Electric Body and Dance Floor Techniques among others. The program includes the creation process-laboratory, the result of which will be shown at the end of the course, added to selected proposals submitted by the participants.

This is a convergence space where very talented people from different latitudes of Mexico meet each other, including southern California, a place where those of us who participate as students and teachers learn from the experience of exchanging knowledge and healthy coexistence” – Henry Torres Co-director of Lux Boreal

The call is open; the Workshop Summer Course takes place from July 31 to August 5, for more information about this program visit the Platforms section of the official website of the company

This activity is supported by the Support System for Cultural Creation and Projects (MEGA) of the Ministry of Culture of Mexico.

Photos by: Valentin Barcenas

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