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Upcoming Lux Boreal premiere: LAK

Lux Boreal Dance Company will perform in Tijuana a dance and action that expresses in a fresh and renewed way one of the most emblematic works of classical ballet: Swan Lake.

LAK is a scenic reconstruction of the love story between Odette and Siegfried, with the narrative guidance of Benno, they will find themselves trapped in the game of poer between the queen mother and Rothbart the sorcerer. Fighting for love is not enough, life is full of unexpected situations where what does not destroy, makes you grow stronger or turns you into something different. To what limit is an individual willing to defend his origin, transform or disappear?

The dance of the show adapts to current times, as well as to the problems that affect young people today. With the interpretation of talented dancer from Lux Boreal Company, LAK will be presented at Theather of the Tijuana Cultural Center this October 18 at 8 pm.

This production is carried out in collaboration with the Tijuana Cultural Center and has the support of the System of Support for Creation and Cultural Projects (SACPC).

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