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Autumn: A great time for dancing in "Baja"

Something happens in the fall that always brings the best of art close to people, it must be because the weather becomes very enjoyable and the speed of summer has been left behind.


A "Parallel conversation" is the show that Lux Boreal will present at the October Arts Festival, an all over the state event that has been produced by the Institute of Culture of Baja California in this 2019 edition.

Meet the dance of Lux Boreal at: Tecate - Ensenada - Mexicali

Parallel Conversation is a compendium of four short works, a new mosaic of speeches choreographed by Ángel Arámbula, Henry Torres and Metthew Amstrong. Scenic speeches ranging from the visual to the narrative, allusions to our sense of identity, social criticism and oniric journeys.

The venues of the CEARTS (State Center for the Arts) will be in spaces to witness closely the dance, the rigor and meticulous work that Lux Boreal has ready for this season.

Attend and join this "Parallel Conversation" in the city of your choice.

TECATE: Wednesday, October 2nd, 7 pm

ENSENADA: Thursday, October 3rd, 8 pm

MEXICALI: Sunday, October 6th, 6 pm

 All the events of the 18th October Festival are free.

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