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Fit/Misfit in Bellas Artes, Mexico City

On August 6, Lux Boreal perfomed at the venue Palacio de Bellas Artes within the 2019 dance season presented by the National Coordination of Dance : "Estados en Movimiento"

The presentation was part of a joint program : “Frontera en Movimiento” with Pendulo Cero Dance Company, who opened the night with the work “Encarna c ciones”

The second part of the night, was the piece “ Fit / Misfit ”, a show by Lux Boreal created in collaboration with the Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company based in Ireland. The work was directed by Alexander Iseli and Jazmín Chiodi with the creative performers Ángel Arámbula, Humberto Vega, Raúl Navarro, Victoria Reyes and Henry Torres. "Fit/Misfit" was premiere at Mouvements Sur La Ville Festival in Montpellier , France and later appeared in Dubblin , Lausanne , Dusseldorf, Sao Paulo, Bolivia, San Diego and various cities of Mexico.

The evening at Bellas Artes, highlighted by an audience overflowing with energy that kept an eye on the development of the two works, from the first dialogues that gave rise to the opening of the Tiffany curtain until the final applause acknowledgment of the quality and warmth that the artists of the northern border transmitted on stage.

The assembly of “Frontera en Movimiento” took two days, in a meticulous production process with the team of the two companies: Matthew Armstrong of Lux Boreal and Rubén Valencia of Péndulo Cero; who worked in perfect synchrony with the technical team of Palacio de Bellas Artes and the National Coordination of Dance to bring to fruition the scenographic, sound and light design that accompanied the evening.

The dance season will continue until the end of August with exponents from Mexico City and various states in an effort by the National Institute of Fine Arts to bring Mexicans closer through their culture and diversity of artists and creators who have the profile to exhibit their work in an veniue of this magnitude.

Lux Boreal is grateful to the National Coordination of Dance, the Tijuana Cultural Center, the Cultural Institute of Baja California, and our home Casa de Cultura de Tijuana through the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture.

Lux Boreal has the sponsorship of the National Endowment for the Arts (FONCA) through the program Mexico en Escena.

Fotografía: Juan Luis Alejo

Images: Arturo López and Ricardo Ramírez Arriola 360°

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