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"InterseXiones" Dance Showcase

> First Delivery of Baja California Dance and Scenic Production Center (CDPEBC).

The first year of the educational program led by the Lux Boreal Dance Company concluded.

The showcase InterseXiones was presented in theathers of Tecate and Playas de Rosarito, Baja California on June 19th and 20th.

The CDPEBC was born in 2006 (former Lux Boreal Diplomado) given the initiative of Lux Boreal dance company, it is an educational program with a duration of two years aimed at dancers and scenic performers who seek to develop on a system of training and dance techniques, as well as develop tools for the management, development and production of artistic projects.

The third generation (2017 - 2019) is made up of 15 young artists from different latitudes of Mexico, which concluded successfully in their first year and at the time they performed at the stages of the State Center for the Arts of Tecate and Playas de Rosarito, the past June 19 and 20 respectively.

This two-year program is endorsed by the National Pedagogical University and the Institute of Culture of Baja California through the State Center for the Arts of Tijuana, and its mission is to promote the development of artistic leadership and scenic arts.

"InterseXiones" consisted of a showcase curated of stage works created by members of the Lux Boreal dance company, as well as a selection of the best choreographic proposals of the third generation students of the CDPEBC, resulting in eight pieces of contemporary dance that were presented with the aim of exposing and sharing the scenic work emerging artist, promoting a culture of appreciation for dance and the arts.

"Intersexiones" first scenic delivery of CDPEBC 2017-2019

Tuesday, June 19 - 8:00 p.m. - CEART Tecate

Wednesday, June 20 - 8:00 PM - CEART Playas de Rosarito

All activities of Lux Boreal are supported by the Ministry of Culture, through the National Fund for Culture and the Arts of México

Photographs: Gabino Guerreo and Carla Alcántara / Momentum Photography

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