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Lux Boreal 2019 Premiere

The newest choreographies of Tijuana based Dance Company will premiere at the Teatro de la Casa de la Cultura.

A circle of scenic performers of this northwestern Mexico dance company, are in permanent research and creative questioning, to bring to the stage proposals of avant-garde and relevant speech to the contemporary dance scene both, nationally and internationally.

This Saturday March 9 (2019), the new works will be presented at the theater of the Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana, emblematic building, which has been the residence of Boreal Lux Dance Troupe since 2003. The choreographic craft of the company will be exhibited on stage through a program consisting of three dance pieces: "Heavenly Contact" by Henry Torres, a solo performed by Ángel Arámbula, "Foto-sin-tesis", a duet choreographed by Octavio Dagnino, which will be performed by Torres and Arámbula and the work "Dual Heritage" a collective creation work directed by Raúl Navarro and Matthew Armstrong, which is described as a sextet with the performance of Victoria Reyes, Pamela Macias, Melisa Padilla, as well as guest resident dancer Bonnie Cox.

It is an honor for Lux Boreal to premiere this event at their home. Don’t miss the chance witness now in our region, because soon it will be presented in other theaters in Mexico and abroad. The appointment is Saturday, March 9 at 8:00 pm at the Theater of Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana, México. Ticket cost $ 150 pesos, more information at

The events and performances of Lux Boreal in Tijuana, are made thanks to the collaboration of creators, artists, photographers, media, promoters, researchers, managers, friends and family who contribute through art by and for the region.

"All Lux Boreal activities are supported by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts"

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